Step 1: Identify Bundles of Actions

Before applying Mosaic, planning agencies will have identified various “bundles” of transportation actions to be analyzed. Bundles are comprised of different transportation capital projects and programs. Each bundle may represent a different approach to addressing the needs and opportunities identified for a study area. Bundles can be organized in many different ways – by theme, funding scenario, modal emphasis, etc.

In the bundle worksheet, users enter key information about the bundles themselves (e.g., location, period of analysis) and list the projects in each bundle, in addition to capital cost estimates and funding years for each project. It is assumed that cost estimates will be an order-of-magnitude, unit-cost level of detail, prepared according to ODOT’s guidance on planning-level cost estimates. 

The benefit-cost analysis components of Mosaic require that costs be identified on a project-by-project basis and that the costs of each project or program ideally be allocated in the specific year of expenditure.